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Newest to my collection

I bought a new large cork board for my next giant collage, which will mainly feature my bottle cap collection. I finally got my last shipment of bottle caps, and I really really like them. They're bottle caps of a Canadian beer, I forget the name of the beer, but I want to say Lobster Keith's or Michael Keith's Lobster beer, and they're white caps with a gold star burst with a bright red lonbster on it. They look great! Yesterday, while walking to a garage sale, or rather walking back from one, I found a beer bottle cap I didn't already have, I think it's called Amber Brock, and it's white and blue with a horses head on it. It was in pretty good condition, too, no scratches or bends in it. It was just a little dirty on the inside. It made me wonder, how do bottle caps end up in the places I find them. I found this one right at the base of a telephone pole. There was no garbage in site, and no bars.
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