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Hello to anyone whose come here. As you can see, by the one single entry, this is a brand new community. Please feel free to post as often as you like and share stories about your collection. You do not HAVE to trade bottle caps here, but it is encouraged. By trading, we meant you look at other what other people offer and they look at what you offer, and you settle a way to swap your bottle caps, or other colletible. Other unusal collectibles can be pretty much anything, postage stamps, pull tabs, bubble gum wrappers, ball point pens, cigar boxes or whatever. You may post links to sites you think would be of interest to collectors, including links to your own web-site where you might sell bottle caps. I would prefer there be no selling in this community, only trading, but that is ultimately up to individuals. I mean this community to be a forum for collectors to swap their collectibles and share stories, or provide tips to finding collectibles. I want to keep entries relevant. I don't want to regulate this community, but if things get flamey I will change that and delete entries.

I am a collector, and that is why I created this community.

If you're posting pictures, keep them small enough to fit on the screen without people having to scroll around to see the whole image. If it's too big, people with slower computers (like my own) take too long to download the image.
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