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Bottle caps in the mail and the hunt for Sardine can keys

Today I got one of my orders that I won on ebay, a collection of 65 mint unused bottle caps, some with cork lining, and some newer ones with the modern plastic molding on the inside of the cap. This would be the first time I actually shelled out money for bottle caps, and the first time I have seen unused bottle caps. I like these, but I think from now on I will lean towards used bottle caps. I'm not partial to the skirt-like effect on the unused bottle caps. There were a few brands I had heard of before in this mostly antique collection of bottle caps. I need to get a new cork board to display them on. I show off my collection by super-glueing a push pin into the inside of the bottle cap and then pressing them into the cork board. I am still expecting my other two orders. Thankfully, the other bottle caps are used ones.

I found a red dog double sided beer bottle cap in good condition that I willing to trade if anyone wants to. I am also likely to trade some of my new mint condition ones. They're all soda pop bottle caps, no beer bottle caps.

I tried the Oriental Market for my search for sardine can keys, but there was no luck there. They do have a lot of interesting food packages, though. I also saw two bottles with the crown bottle caps I like to collect, one was for a malt (non-alchoholic) beverage, and another was for a orange flavor soft drink. I didn't look at that one, but I might go back and buy one just for the bottle cap. I will drink the orange soda, though.

I told my boss how I have been looking for cans of sardines with the key, and he said I should try the Italian market. I think I will look into that later this week.

My boss is also a collector of odds and ends, specially he collects pens, everything else, too, but he makes an real effort to collect pens. He and his son came by my house last weekend to pick up the mirror I wanted to get rid of, and I showed off my shadow boxes. Miguel took pictures of them. I saw the photos today. They look great. I will post them when he gives me copies. He said he wants to make an enlargement of the shadow box made from the moveable type-set drawer and make it into a poster for the shop.
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