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I Even DREAM about bottle caps, GOOD GRAVY

Exerpt from my dream journal

I was collecting bottle caps again, in this dream. I would find them on the ground, and many of them were so interesting. There was one that had a releif peice of art on it (that is, raised art on a flat background) and the bottle cap was otherwise just gold colored. I come into a little cafe like place and sit down. I notice there are two bottle caps just sitting on a table top. For some reason, although they have been left there, and no one is coming back for them, I hesitate to just take them off the table. For some reason I wait until a server comes up to throw them away. Just as I am about to ask, a woman at another table, who is sitting with her boy friend there, asks if she may have the bottle caps, and the server says "sure" and then puts them down on the table. I try to take them as I say to her, "I asked for them first!" She seems unhappy, but doesn't try to take the bottle caps. I immediately feel guilty, because I realise that although I had MEANT to ask the server if I could have the bottle caps, I didn't
actually ask him, but I was not inclined to admit it, and thought about giving up the bottle caps, because although they were really nice ones, I thought I didn't deserve them, and that I would certainly get another chance at getting one. I did notice, though, that the girl already had one of the same bottle caps made into a necklace, and she was wearing it. The cap features a black and red griffin on a bright yellow back ground, there were more design elements, but I forget what they were. The other bottle
was also very interesting, and was in full color, and featutures some sort of coat of arms ona black background, with regal lions on either side of a sheild.
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