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Bottle Cap Collector

and collectors of other unusual things

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This community is a forum for collectors to trade their wares and share stories. It is also allowed to post links to related sites. WARNING THIS SITE IS NOT REGULATED, no one here is your momma, so please behave without anyone having to tell you. I don't want to have to change this community to a moderated one. Bottle caps is the MAIN focus of this community, but you may also share sources and trades over other items such as: clothing buttons, cigar boxes/tubes/labels, ball point pens and other pens, postage stamps, rubber stamps, stickers, labels, sardine can keys, pull tabs, miniratures for doll houses, coins, charms, tailismans, match boxes, corks, bottles, match box cars and other various smaller collectibles. If you can fit it in a shoe box, it's small enough. You may bring up other items if you think people here might be interested. Because this community is about trading that means mailing people items is likely, so be prepared to e-mail people your address or get theirs. PLEASE do not post an address in this public forum, or if you must, please delete it after it has been recorded by the person you are trading with. This is for your own protection. Please no flaming.
bottle caps, bottles, cigar boxes, cigar labels, cigar tubes, clothing buttons, etc. trading cards, fishing lures, food labels, lapel pins, match boxes, pens, political promotional buttons, postage stamps, pull tabs, rubber stamps, sardine can keys, stickers